Dorm Sweet Dorm: Our Back to School Essentials

It’s back to school season again, and although the kiddies may not be all that happy, we are welcoming the season of stationery and pretty decor with open arms! With my first two heading back to University and my youngest going into grade 10 (where did the time go?), I am preparing myself with some of the things I think are essential for going back to school. Most of the products featured are locally or Canadian made, so you know that you are supporting small local businesses and individual dreams this back to school season (bonus)! Enjoy!

Back to School Collage

1) Homey Decor

It’s hard when your kids are going off to University and living on their own for the first time, for us and for them. That’s why I believe in making your dorm room a little less like a dorm and more like home. It’s easy to add a personal touch with a few pretty prints and some rustic wooden signs. You can even add a few pictures of family and friends to create a cute and trendy print wall! These quotes make a big difference to a room- not only do they make your space more personal and homey, but they give you a little extra motivation throughout the school year. Slay, girl, slay!

2) A Little Paint (surprise, surprise)

A little paint is the best way to make your space feel a little more personal- plus it’s student budget family! Instead of purchasing brand new furniture or settling for furniture that you don’t love, it’s super simple to makeover a piece of old furniture from a relative or the thrift store. Just one pint of paint can make your furniture look beautiful and make your dorm space feel more like home! You can read more about Fusion Mineral Paint and get inspired by all of our colours here.

3) Something Cozy

You’re going to be spending the next eight months at your home away from home, so you have to make it cozy and comfortable enough for a few naps here and there and more than a few late night study sessions. These pillows are equally comfortable and cute, with a range of different sayings and quotes. I love these for a gift for a student heading off to University/college. It’s such a great accent for a couch or bed!

4) Pretty Scents

Let’s face the facts. Dorm rooms get stinky. Sometimes you get stuck with smelly roommates. You may or may not have time to wash your sheets every single week between hanging out with your friends, completing your homework and trying to get enough sleep. These few essentials will help make your room smell fresh and clean, even when your roommates aren’t. Linen spray is perfect to spray over your pillow and blankets to help you get a good night’s rest, minimize anxiety and help you relax. As for the rest of your dorm, sachets are a great option. With a range of delicious scents such as classic linen and lavender, these travel-friendly sachets are great to put on your window sill, in your laundry room, bathroom or even your car!

5) Good Quality Bags

You may have your fair share of nights out when you head to University. I love these tiny wallets for nights out – they are easy to throw in a bag or clutch, and carry all of the essentials without the extra bulk. Plus, they are super cute!

Aside from having a good quality wallet, it’s also important to have a durable laptop case. At Pure, we don’t sacrifice style for durability- we do both! You will likely be spending a lot of time with your laptop, carrying it from class to class and around campus. You might as well look good doing it! Our cork laptop case is one of our favourites, along with its rose gold counterpart.

7) Extra Notebooks

You can never have too many notebooks- they are too pretty to resist and have so many different uses, from taking class notes, to doodling and journaling. Small notebooks are lightweight and easy to slip in a bag. Plus, our little notebook is just too accurate- what student doesn’t run on their fair share of caffeine?

We hope you enjoyed our back to school essentials! We’d love if you shared your essentials with us as well as your favourite back to school product. You can find us on instagram, twitter and facebook where we will be sharing more of our favourite back to school products in store and favourites heading into Autumn!

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We’re Back!

We’re back- and with a brand new look! Since we have designed our website, we have changed quite a bit as a business. Back in February, we completely renovated Pure Boutique- complete with a fresh paint job, a beautiful workshop space for our furniture painting workshops and a range of new products. We worked super hard over two weeks to make Pure Boutique a calming, fresh and simply quaint boutique on Brant St. Along with our renovations, we made a commitment to local artists and supporting small creative businesses. We take pride in supporting local artists by carrying mostly local and Canadian made products- all of our local products are marked with an “I’m local” sticker in store.

With our boutique’s fresh look, we wanted to create an online space that felt like you were walking into our little shoppe. We are proud to say that we think we achieved this! We have a fresh website that truly captures the essence of “Pure”. We are excited to introduce you to some new features, such as our “get a furniture quote” form for custom painting orders and new blog. Most of all, we have worked hard to create a space for you to explore our local artists, their stories and beautiful handcrafted products, from wall prints to jewellery!

We are excited to share our new website with you and hope you have fun exploring our new website! More blog posts are coming very soon, so make sure you subscribe by entering your email address below. If you’d like to keep up with us between posts, you can follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We’ll see you soon- enjoy!

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The Story of Fusion Mineral Paint

I wanted to take the time today to have a little “story time”. As many of you know, I am a distributor of Fusion Mineral Paint, an all-in-one furniture paint. Part of what made me love this company so much, and why it stood out among many others, was their story. I always try to support Canadian-made products and family run businesses, bringing a little bit of character into everything in the store.


Jennlyn, the President of Homestead House Paint Co. and Creator of Fusion Mineral Paint, has shared this beautiful story behind her family’s paint company. When you are purchasing a Fusion Mineral Paint project, this is what you are supporting.

 “I wanted to welcome you into my family, and show you a little bit about the History of how we got started, and where we are today! Many of you may not know that Homestead House, parent company to Fusion, was created in the early 1980’s, while I was still running around in diapers I’m sure! Both my parents had other full time jobs for nearly 20 years to support the small struggling business competing against the big companies out there, my father was a truck driver, and my mother was a registered nurse. Today my dad, Scott the CEO, is no longer a truck driver, however the driving force behind production. My mother, Loree Pringle has continued to be a registered nurse however has taken the last year off through a leave of absence as our growth has been spectacular. My uncle joined our team just over a year ago after nearly 30 years in logistics. He is our Inventory manager and warehouse manager, you may know him as Garth! My aunt, sister to Scott & Garth, Allison is just joining us on board now as my personal assistant and you will get to know more about her very soon! Allison was a slegal secretary for 27 years in downtown Toronto, however the time has come for her boss to retire, we welcome her at Fusion with open arms! My sister, Meagan, is involved in the warehouse, and creative side of the business with workshop ideas and photography! For those who may not be family by typical standards, you play an integral part in our operations, you are truly valued, and I couldn’t be happier working with you, Joanne Mudd, Laurie Severn & Micaela Sobrino! Last but not least to Will Howe, my partner, he has been behind the scenes the entire time, with his business acumen and creative craftsmanship. I couldn’t have a better team at Fusion! We are truly a family run and operated business, and we are so glad that you are a part of it. I hope that our efforts to have a fantastic product line help to support your family business too! Please feel free to share this video, and what you know about our company with your friends, family and clients. As many of you know, soon I will be on mat leave to welcome my first little bundle of joy into this world, know that you will be supported incredibly well during that time, and I’ll still be available and will be watching all your incredible posts of Fusion!”

Fusion has worked hard in producing this short video all about their story and the best qualities about this paint, bringing you through the 25 year journey of Fusion Mineral Paint. You can watch their video by clicking here. It is everything we love about Fusion wrapped up into one short story!

Fusion isn’t just a large company that supplies the paint for our store, they have been incredibly involved and supportive since I joined their amazing team last year.

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From Summer to Fall

With the change of season from summer to fall, it can sometimes be a challenge to transition your space with the change in weather. Earlier this week, we were lucky enough to team up with Fairhome Interiors in Downtown Burlington and Jennylyn from Fusion Mineral Paint to give you some creative ideas to transition your home from summer to fall on CHCH Morning Live.


With the help of Janet from Fairhome Interiors and Jennlyn from Fusion Mineral Paint, we walk you through how to give your home that “cozy” feel using one of our customer’s beautiful hutches, transitioning your living space using warm fall colours and lots of pillows, some great painted DIYs and, of course, the Thanksgiving tablescape.

If you didn’t get a chance to tune in, we didn’t want you to miss out on the autumn inspiration! You can watch all the segments right here (without the commercial breaks).

As always, Lori DeAngelis brought lots of enthusiasm and to our store, and we had an amazing time working with her. A big thank you to the entire crew at CHCH Morning Live!

If you ever find yourself in Downtown Burlington for a walk on the waterfront, be sure to pay us a visit for all of the materials and décor you need for transitioning your space, and check out Fairhome Interiors for even more fall inspiration.


Make sure you never miss any more inspiration this season! Follow us on our social media below:


Twitter: @LoriatPure


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Wallpapering Furniture DIY

With the change in season approaching us far too quickly, I’ve found myself wanting to change up my usual furniture makeover, with the classic coat of paint, light distressing and a finishing wax. It’s easy to get stuck in a bit of a routine with the kids back in school and getting back to your post-summer schedule, so I’ve been looking for more ways to get creative with furniture!

Of course, I’m still not ready to give up my Fusion Mineral Paint- don’t worry! I’m really loving the new trends and styles in home décor that Autumn is bringing along with it, and they aren’t just limited to colour (although I am loving deep yellows and reds more and more the cooler the weather becomes…)

The two things I’ve been seeing a lot are patterns and textures, and creative ways to incorporate these two elements in furniture makeovers. Sometimes, the right colour and some distressing to highlight the details is enough to give your old piece of furniture a new life. However, sometimes it needs that extra “umph”.

Edited Wallpaper

Not only are patterns and textures simple & unique ways to give your piece a little something extra, but they give you lots of room to experiment with your favourite materials and designs to tie in other elements of your home décor.

You may have seen similar ideas on Pinterest or DIY blogs, but today I’m going to show you my personal spin on using wallpaper as the finishing touch to my furniture makeover, and best of all, give you all the steps you need to do this project at home!

I’m starting off this DIY with this antique desk. It’s the perfect candidate for this project because of its flat surface and clean lines. It’s always been one of those pieces that I’d never really finished, and I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. Ideally, you want to work with a flat surface so your wallpaper is easy to apply and you can achieve a smooth, even application.


To prepare for the project, I’ve already painted the desk with Fusion’s “Lamp White” and did a wet distress with some 600 grit sandpaper. If you’d like some more details about painting your piece with Fusion Mineral Paint and view our colours, you can click here.

Once you’ve chosen the piece you’d like to work with, it’s time to choose the perfect wallpaper. We do have a small selection of wallpaper sheets in store, including a selection of delicate florals, pastels and neutral designs- all cut to a size to cover a dresser drawer. I chose a green-grey design to give the antique desk a more modern look.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for in store, I will leave the address and contact information of one of my favourite places below.

1) First, you want to measure and cut your wallpaper so it covers the surface area you’re covering. I traced my drawer with a pencil and cut out my piece.
Step One and Two

2) After you’ve cut out your wallpaper, you want to prep your surface using Fusion’s “Ultra Grip”. You want to apply a thin, even coat to your surface, smoothing out any bumps. I use just a cheap natural bristle brush for this step.

3) After you apply your adhesive, you want to place your wallpaper on your surface, making sure it is straight and lines up with all of the edges. Once you place it on the glue, take your wallpaper spatula and use it to smooth out the wallpaper and eliminate any air bubbles. This will ensure a nice smooth finish!

Step Three

4) Let your piece dry for at least 12 hours before completing the next step. Once it has dried, trim any excess wallpaper along the edges. I also like to get my sanding block and sand down the sharp edges of the wallpaper to give the piece a more rustic look and blend the harsh edges of the wallpaper into the rest of the piece. It’s a little detail that makes all the difference!

5) To really seal your wallpaper and make sure your piece is going to withstand all you’re going to use it for, I use Fusion’s Top Coat. This step is of course optional, but it prevents the edges of your wallpaper from peeling.

Top Coat

Once you’ve completed all these steps, you should be left with a durable, unique and trendy piece that serves as a centrepiece to your space. This DIY isn’t simply limited to this material or even the way I chose to do the project- you can most definitely modify these steps to suit the kind of look you’re going for and the materials you plan on using. I’m eager to do this same DIY with a textured paintable wallpaper on the drawers of a dresser, or try out wallpapering the inside of drawers to add a “pop” of colour and style. If you have leftover wallpaper from doing a feature wall in your home, use the excess to do a surface of a side table to create a cohesive style throughout your space- the options are endless!


   As for this piece, we’ll be keeping it at the store to let it serve as “pure-spiration” for all of our brave and creative customers who are always looking for a new project to add to their ever growing list. With the right accessories (maybe some mason jar candles to warm it up & an antique tin mirror to highlight the texture), this piece can find its home just about anywhere, from a children’s bedroom or even a hallway.

We hope that this DIY project will inspire some of your projects leading into Fall & get you creating! If you happen to try out this DIY, make sure you send us your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (link can be found at the bottom of the page). Nothing inspires us more than seeing what you’ve been creating with Fusion Mineral Paint!


“A Big Big Wallpaper Store”

233 Ottawa St. North

Hamilton, ON L8H


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Home Away From Home

It’s that time of year again, back to school season! With my son moving away and setting off to University, I was inspired to create a practical yet pretty space to make you home away from home a little more like home.

When your children leave home, or you are planning on leaving home yourself for school, you know how difficult it can be to make this tiny little space personal, practical and affordable! This is your space for the next eight months, and it is important for it to be a relaxing and enjoyable place for you to come home to at the end of a long day.

I decided to focus on one very important (and often overlooked) area of the college dorm room – the desk space! Starting school, you will probably be spending a lot of time studying at your desk, so it’s important for it to be a comfortable place that motivates you to make it through those long nights and exam weeks.


The focal point of this space will be, of course, your desk. Going back to school is the perfect time to give your current desk a quick refresh with a little paint, or, if you don’t already have a desk that you can bring to school, it’s a great time to search for one at auctions and thrift stores for an affordable option. Once you have your desk, it’s time to get out the paintbrushes and crack open the paint cans!

Since your walls are probably a neutral colour, you have lots of options for your desk colour depending on your décor. Choose a colour that reflects your personality and brightens your mood to make an enjoyable and relaxing study space. I’ve always been a big fan of soft neutrals, and have a soft spot for anything green. I chose Fusion’s “Bedford” for a cozy, calming feel (you can view the rest of our paint colours here). This grey-green softens up any space, and adds a little bit of depth while still staying very neutral.

As much as I love paint and repurposing old furniture and giving it a new life, my favourite part has to be the accessorizing. Accessories are what really make your space your own and can be a great way to add some personal flair.

I am all about staying motivated and inspired while working at your desk, and adding lots and lots of quotes is the perfect way to do just that! Pinterest is my go-to source for inspirational quotes to get me through the day (I have an entire board dedicated to my favourite quotes at! I simply printed out these quotes and cut them to the size of these little frames (you can find them just about anywhere).

Quote and Flowers


Next to my quotes, I like to have a few things set out on the desk like a fresh bouquet of flowers to brighten my mood. Flowers always make me happy, and can bring some life into your space during the colder months. You can never have too many flowers! Buying a small bouquet of flowers or picking some wildflowers for yourself can really lift your spirits, and give your desk a pretty feminine touch. Once I set my flowers on my desk, I added this shabby chic clock to keep track of time in style. There’s something so pretty & practical about having an old-fashioned clock on your desk. For a little something lighthearted and funny, I added this chalkboard-style quote. I think everybody could use a day between Saturday and Sunday!

Clock and Quotes

While you want your desk space to be personal and pretty, it also needs to be practical! You can never go wrong with a chalkboard to get organized & write down important dates and reminders. A classic chalkboard makes the perfect addition to your space, and is a great way to remind yourself about important tests and deadlines. A chalkboard can make meal planning, to-do lists and pretty much everything a little more manageable. We have an entire blogpost up on how to make your own chalkboard, so you can check it out here for a quick & simple back to school DIY.


For the final cozy touch, I added a small oval rug and a magazine rack to hold textbooks and notebooks. I thought this was the perfect addition to the room, especially if you have hardwood or tile floors. A great way to keep cozy during the colder months (even though I wish they’d never come)!

I hope this post inspired you to make your desk a space that you can enjoy. We would love to see pictures of your dorm spaces to see what you’ve done to make it your own, so tag us in your pictures on Instagram or post them right to our Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing your creativity shine through this upcoming semester! Study hard & stay happy.

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Antique Plate Display

So many plates, too little space! I’ve always been a lover & avid collector of antique plates, teacups, saucers and anything pretty that I could get my hands on at thrift stores and antique markets. These plates are simply timeless and can add a feminine flair to a more modern space.

Plate Arrangement

The beautiful details and delicate design of antique plates make them the perfect accent for any home, adding a little piece of history and character. If you have a set passed down from your grandmother or have a growing collection and don’t know what to do with all of your plates, I have decided to share this simple DIY display after a bit of trial and error and a few smashed plates (oops)!

When I first opened my store on Brant Street, I wanted my front counter space to make a statement and showcase all of my favourite things. Before I started decorating the wall, I decided to use textured wallpaper I got from Benjamin Moore as my starting point to add some dimension to the space. After painting it a green colour and adding a silver-toned glaze over top, I was finally ready to start decorating- my favourite part!

I was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest, usually how my projects begin. I wanted to recreate this antique plate wall display with my own plates; an arrangement consisting of different plate sizes, shapes and designs. I already had my chalkboard as my focal point on the wall, and wanted the plates to wrap around the chalkboard.


I began with a Command hook. The textured wallpaper that I loved was turning out to be my worst enemy, since nothing seemed to hold. When I had run out of options and my plate collection was growing smaller and smaller, I went back to Pinterest and decided to do it my own way.

My makeshift hook worked perfectly, and I was finally able to get the plates displayed the way I wanted. To make your “hook”, you will need:

  • A paperclip
  • A hot glue gun
  • Your plate!

First, turn your plate onto its back. Take your paper clip and bend the two sides apart and place the flat part in the center of your place, making sure it is straight. Take your hot glue gun and put a dot at the bottom of the paper clip to hold it in place. Wait until it has hardened and your hook is ready to go!

Put a nail in the wall where you would like your plate, and simply hook your plate onto it. The hook works perfectly because it is gentle enough to not break the plate, but strong enough to hold it on the wall without it falling!


This display idea is a perfect way to get your plates out of your kitchen cupboards and give them the attention they deserve. I love this idea to create a beautiful focal point surrounding your cupboards. If you want to repurpose your plates, you can paint the center with chalkboard paint and use it as a small chalkboard in the kitchen for a little note.

No more smashed plates for me … or you!

If you’re on the hunt for some antique plates, we have a display in store, or you can search some antique markets and thrift stores. If you decide to try this DIY, I’d love to see it! You can send us your photos using #purespiration or tagging us in your photos on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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Chalking it Up

My time spent scouring board after board on Pinterest has proved to be productive, as I have discovered a new love – chalkboards. Chalkboards are equally as beautiful as they are practical, with details and gorgeous colour framing a family to-do list, meal planning board in the kitchen or simple seasonal note. Chalkboards are also a great idea to use up my ever growing collection of antique frames, varying in shape, size and era (trust me, I’m addicted)!


The real reason that I’m in love with this idea is that with a great frame and a dab of colour, you are left with a simple & personal home décor DIY. So, if you’ve also been up too late searching for Pinspiration and wondering when you are going to find the time to do this project, I am here to help you out with a simple and creative DIY for a timeless piece that will help make your house a home.

Of course, you want to start out with a frame. I’m addicted to finding these little gems at antique stores, flea markets, etc. However, you can simply use an old picture frame you have lying around. To prepare your frame, I always apply a coat of Fusion’s Ultra Grip to help the paint adhere to the surface. Once you have let that cure for 12 hours, you can start getting creative with you paint and finishes. I love the pastel colours for summer, so I went with Fusion’s “Buttermilk Cream”, a soft yellow. Your paint colour is where you can really get creative, and choose a colour that really suits you space. You can pick up an accent colour in your space, introduce a complementary colour, or go with a soft neutral. The options are endless, and you can view them here!

painting frame

Apply a coat of paint with a natural bristle brush. The paint goes a long way, so depending on the size of the frame, you will only need one of Fusion’s sample sizes to complete the project. After 1-2 coats, your frame is all ready to go. You have some different options with your finishes that can help bring out the details in your frame. This paint has a built in top coat, so a finish is optional, but white and dark waxes are great to brush over your piece for some added dimension. We left our little yellow frame fresh & simple.


Once you’ve got your frame painted, it’s time to prep your chalkboard. You will need:

  • A thin MDF board from your local building store (you can measure it to fit your frame & cut it yourself or some places will event cut it for you)
  • Clear Silicone or carpenter’s glue
  • Fusion Mineral Paint’s “Coal Black”

Chalkboard paintingApply Fusion’s Ultra Grip to the board, the same process used on the frame, and let it dry for 12 hours before painting. After your primer has dried, simply paint the board with your Fusion Mineral Paint. This should take 1-2 coats.

Once your painting is complete, glue the piece into your frame with clear silicone or carpenter’s glue. To prepare the chalkboard, prime the piece with a piece of chalk. Rub the chalk on the surface of the board and wipe it off with a dry rag. Attach your hook to the back of the frame, and your project is complete!

We love the functionality of the chalkboard once it’s complete, and love the personal element it can add to any space. We especially love the idea of a chalkboard menu in the kitchen and little quotes and messages written on the board. Since back to school season is also (sadly) around the corner, this is a great way to get the kids organized and leave sweet messages before they head out for the day. We’ve included a few of our favourites from Pinterest for a little bit of inspiration.


If you’d like to see what else I’ve been loving lately on Pinterest, feel free to connect with me using the social media links down below. I’d love to see what you’ve been pinning, and am always looking for new projects and ideas that I don’t have time to do!

If you have used a chalkboard around your house in a creative way, or you plan on getting creative with chalkboards these next few weeks of summer & into the back to school season, let me know on my social media down below using #purespiration – enjoy!

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A Summer Tea Party

The warm July sun is here and I’ve decided this weekend to enjoy some of my favourite things: tea, friends and, of course, paint! This summer, we are all in need of a little break. So naturally, I cracked open a fresh new can of paint, did a little antiquing and put together a scene in my backyard especially for drinking tea and relaxing in the backyard.

Edited Photo

This sitting area can be completely personalized to you and your outdoor space. For me, my focal point was this beautiful re-purposed bench made from an antique headboard by a local artist. I love the detail in the bench, and it was the perfect piece to add a fresh, bright whimsical element to this area.

Since the bench was a beautiful bright creamy white, I wanted to incorporate some more colour in the little setup. I had this side table and suitcase tucked away in the back of the store, so I pulled them out and gave them a fresh paint job in the colour “inglenook” from our Fusion Mineral Paint line. This colour added such a bright, fun element to the backyard and is one of our favourite summer colours.

 I had been on the hunt for a tea cart for a while, and after a last-minute trip to Dundas with my mom, nieces and two daughters, we found this little cart that we  knew would be the perfect teacup display. We had a great day of antiquing, and  found many hidden gems at one of my favourite antique shops, Valley Antiques,  including this cart as well as the door we painted on CHCH Morning Live (if you missed it you can watch it here).

Tea cart

 After tucking a beautiful antique chair next to our side table, I began my favourite  part- accessorizing! Since this is a “tea party” set up, I began placing our vintage teacups on the cart, and added a teapot full of my favourite red rose tea. And of course, tea would not be complete without a plate full of pink macarons from our favourite patisserie, “Saving Thyme“. It didn’t take too long until they were all gone!


I added a mason jar full of some roses and lots of whimsical greenery to bring even more colour, and began cozy-ing up the space with a soft floral quilt and a cozy pillow that reads “so many books, so little time” (fitting, since my summer reading list is ever growing).

Pillow closeup

And that was all! After a little bit of paint, antiquing, and a sprinkle of rose petals, I had this beautiful setup in my backyard by the pool to enjoy with friends and family. Luckily, the weather cooperated and I was able to enjoy the sunshine and the sound of kids splashing in the pool. The perfect summer day- “a good laugh is sunshine in a home”.


I hope this inspired you to create some memories this summer, and create a space outdoors where you can do all the things you love. If you’d like to get even more pure-spiration, follow our blog and check out our social media links down below. We’re always looking for inspiration and looking for ways to inspire you!


Painting Memories …

Last weekend we finished up our last workshop for the month of May … time flies! With summer trying to peek out of the clouds, we all welcomed the changes in weather with changes of colour, from blues, to purples & plums, these ladies completed their own little rainbow in Sunday’s workshop. Since we were all so in love with these “pops” of summer colour, it was only appropriate to inspire you to bring summer indoors with some blues, pinks, greens & every shade in between.

What we love most about the workshops is that we’re not just paint- we’re painting memories with great friends and amazing, creative people. There was no better way to finish of the month of May than smiling faces and dirty brushes!



Since the weather was too beautiful to stay inside all day, we decided to have a little picnic out back, complete with delicious sandwiches, lemonade and macarons from Saving Thyme Catering & Patisserie. Cheers!



After lunch, we all headed back inside to complete the best part of the workshop – distressing! This was our creative, chit-chatty time of the day, where we all made our pieces shabby & chic with some distressing here & there. We were so impressed with the before and after shots of all the pieces in the workshop that we had to share. Let these shots inspire you to get creative with everything Fusion mineral paint and van Gogh chalk paint have to offer! These ladies were naturals … and we were tempted to just keep these pieces for ourselves!



This beautiful end table was painted with a custom purple colour (a mix between van Gogh’s Victorian and Billowing Sails) and with a lightly applied top coat of dark wax.


Fusion’s “inglenook” and some light distressing transformed this old medicine cabinet into an amazing summer cottage piece. Love!


This side table was the perfect piece to paint, with its beautiful lines and wood colour. She was not scared of this bright, bold red, and went for it! This piece was painted in Fusion’s “Fort York” red with a little dark wax here and there.

One of the pieces that we were so impressed with was this shelf. This white and pine shelf came in looking quite
simple, with little heart cutouts and straight line. We were so happy with the amount of creativity! When she saw a plum-coloured shelf in the store, she was inspired to create her own custom plum colour
to deepen up this shelf and add lots of dimension. The mix ended up being a combination of Fusion’s “Fort York” red and “Renfrew Blue”. To add even more dimension to the shelf, dark wax was applied lightly around corners and edges. This shelf makes the perfect display!


We’re working on our workshop schedule for the month of June … so stay tuned to our workshop schedule if you would like to join in on the summer fun and start painting memories!





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