It’s back to school season again, and although the kiddies may not be all that happy, we are welcoming the season of stationery and pretty decor with open arms! With my first two heading back to University and my youngest going into grade 10 (where did the time go?), I am preparing myself with some of the things I think are essential for going back to school. Most of the products featured are locally or Canadian made, so you know that you are supporting small local businesses and individual dreams this back to school season (bonus)! Enjoy!

Back to School Collage

1) Homey Decor

It’s hard when your kids are going off to University and living on their own for the first time, for us and for them. That’s why I believe in making your dorm room a little less like a dorm and more like home. It’s easy to add a personal touch with a few pretty prints and some rustic wooden signs. You can even add a few pictures of family and friends to create a cute and trendy print wall! These quotes make a big difference to a room- not only do they make your space more personal and homey, but they give you a little extra motivation throughout the school year. Slay, girl, slay!

2) A Little Paint (surprise, surprise)

A little paint is the best way to make your space feel a little more personal- plus it’s student budget family! Instead of purchasing brand new furniture or settling for furniture that you don’t love, it’s super simple to makeover a piece of old furniture from a relative or the thrift store. Just one pint of paint can make your furniture look beautiful and make your dorm space feel more like home! You can read more about Fusion Mineral Paint and get inspired by all of our colours here.

3) Something Cozy

You’re going to be spending the next eight months at your home away from home, so you have to make it cozy and comfortable enough for a few naps here and there and more than a few late night study sessions. These pillows are equally comfortable and cute, with a range of different sayings and quotes. I love these for a gift for a student heading off to University/college. It’s such a great accent for a couch or bed!

4) Pretty Scents

Let’s face the facts. Dorm rooms get stinky. Sometimes you get stuck with smelly roommates. You may or may not have time to wash your sheets every single week between hanging out with your friends, completing your homework and trying to get enough sleep. These few essentials will help make your room smell fresh and clean, even when your roommates aren’t. Linen spray is perfect to spray over your pillow and blankets to help you get a good night’s rest, minimize anxiety and help you relax. As for the rest of your dorm, sachets are a great option. With a range of delicious scents such as classic linen and lavender, these travel-friendly sachets are great to put on your window sill, in your laundry room, bathroom or even your car!

5) Good Quality Bags

You may have your fair share of nights out when you head to University. I love these tiny wallets for nights out – they are easy to throw in a bag or clutch, and carry all of the essentials without the extra bulk. Plus, they are super cute!

Aside from having a good quality wallet, it’s also important to have a durable laptop case. At Pure, we don’t sacrifice style for durability- we do both! You will likely be spending a lot of time with your laptop, carrying it from class to class and around campus. You might as well look good doing it! Our cork laptop case is one of our favourites, along with its rose gold counterpart.

7) Extra Notebooks

You can never have too many notebooks- they are too pretty to resist and have so many different uses, from taking class notes, to doodling and journaling. Small notebooks are lightweight and easy to slip in a bag. Plus, our little notebook is just too accurate- what student doesn’t run on their fair share of caffeine?

We hope you enjoyed our back to school essentials! We’d love if you shared your essentials with us as well as your favourite back to school product. You can find us on instagram, twitter and facebook where we will be sharing more of our favourite back to school products in store and favourites heading into Autumn!