I wanted to take the time today to have a little “story time”. As many of you know, I am a distributor of Fusion Mineral Paint, an all-in-one furniture paint. Part of what made me love this company so much, and why it stood out among many others, was their story. I always try to support Canadian-made products and family run businesses, bringing a little bit of character into everything in the store.


Jennlyn, the President of Homestead House Paint Co. and Creator of Fusion Mineral Paint, has shared this beautiful story behind her family’s paint company. When you are purchasing a Fusion Mineral Paint project, this is what you are supporting.

 “I wanted to welcome you into my family, and show you a little bit about the History of how we got started, and where we are today! Many of you may not know that Homestead House, parent company to Fusion, was created in the early 1980’s, while I was still running around in diapers I’m sure! Both my parents had other full time jobs for nearly 20 years to support the small struggling business competing against the big companies out there, my father was a truck driver, and my mother was a registered nurse. Today my dad, Scott the CEO, is no longer a truck driver, however the driving force behind production. My mother, Loree Pringle has continued to be a registered nurse however has taken the last year off through a leave of absence as our growth has been spectacular. My uncle joined our team just over a year ago after nearly 30 years in logistics. He is our Inventory manager and warehouse manager, you may know him as Garth! My aunt, sister to Scott & Garth, Allison is just joining us on board now as my personal assistant and you will get to know more about her very soon! Allison was a slegal secretary for 27 years in downtown Toronto, however the time has come for her boss to retire, we welcome her at Fusion with open arms! My sister, Meagan, is involved in the warehouse, and creative side of the business with workshop ideas and photography! For those who may not be family by typical standards, you play an integral part in our operations, you are truly valued, and I couldn’t be happier working with you, Joanne Mudd, Laurie Severn & Micaela Sobrino! Last but not least to Will Howe, my partner, he has been behind the scenes the entire time, with his business acumen and creative craftsmanship. I couldn’t have a better team at Fusion! We are truly a family run and operated business, and we are so glad that you are a part of it. I hope that our efforts to have a fantastic product line help to support your family business too! Please feel free to share this video, and what you know about our company with your friends, family and clients. As many of you know, soon I will be on mat leave to welcome my first little bundle of joy into this world, know that you will be supported incredibly well during that time, and I’ll still be available and will be watching all your incredible posts of Fusion!”

Fusion has worked hard in producing this short video all about their story and the best qualities about this paint, bringing you through the 25 year journey of Fusion Mineral Paint. You can watch their video by clicking here. It is everything we love about Fusion wrapped up into one short story!

Fusion isn’t just a large company that supplies the paint for our store, they have been incredibly involved and supportive since I joined their amazing team last year.