With the change in season approaching us far too quickly, I’ve found myself wanting to change up my usual furniture makeover, with the classic coat of paint, light distressing and a finishing wax. It’s easy to get stuck in a bit of a routine with the kids back in school and getting back to your post-summer schedule, so I’ve been looking for more ways to get creative with furniture!

Of course, I’m still not ready to give up my Fusion Mineral Paint- don’t worry! I’m really loving the new trends and styles in home décor that Autumn is bringing along with it, and they aren’t just limited to colour (although I am loving deep yellows and reds more and more the cooler the weather becomes…)

The two things I’ve been seeing a lot are patterns and textures, and creative ways to incorporate these two elements in furniture makeovers. Sometimes, the right colour and some distressing to highlight the details is enough to give your old piece of furniture a new life. However, sometimes it needs that extra “umph”.

Edited Wallpaper

Not only are patterns and textures simple & unique ways to give your piece a little something extra, but they give you lots of room to experiment with your favourite materials and designs to tie in other elements of your home décor.

You may have seen similar ideas on Pinterest or DIY blogs, but today I’m going to show you my personal spin on using wallpaper as the finishing touch to my furniture makeover, and best of all, give you all the steps you need to do this project at home!

I’m starting off this DIY with this antique desk. It’s the perfect candidate for this project because of its flat surface and clean lines. It’s always been one of those pieces that I’d never really finished, and I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. Ideally, you want to work with a flat surface so your wallpaper is easy to apply and you can achieve a smooth, even application.


To prepare for the project, I’ve already painted the desk with Fusion’s “Lamp White” and did a wet distress with some 600 grit sandpaper. If you’d like some more details about painting your piece with Fusion Mineral Paint and view our colours, you can click here.

Once you’ve chosen the piece you’d like to work with, it’s time to choose the perfect wallpaper. We do have a small selection of wallpaper sheets in store, including a selection of delicate florals, pastels and neutral designs- all cut to a size to cover a dresser drawer. I chose a green-grey design to give the antique desk a more modern look.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for in store, I will leave the address and contact information of one of my favourite places below.

1) First, you want to measure and cut your wallpaper so it covers the surface area you’re covering. I traced my drawer with a pencil and cut out my piece.
Step One and Two

2) After you’ve cut out your wallpaper, you want to prep your surface using Fusion’s “Ultra Grip”. You want to apply a thin, even coat to your surface, smoothing out any bumps. I use just a cheap natural bristle brush for this step.

3) After you apply your adhesive, you want to place your wallpaper on your surface, making sure it is straight and lines up with all of the edges. Once you place it on the glue, take your wallpaper spatula and use it to smooth out the wallpaper and eliminate any air bubbles. This will ensure a nice smooth finish!

Step Three

4) Let your piece dry for at least 12 hours before completing the next step. Once it has dried, trim any excess wallpaper along the edges. I also like to get my sanding block and sand down the sharp edges of the wallpaper to give the piece a more rustic look and blend the harsh edges of the wallpaper into the rest of the piece. It’s a little detail that makes all the difference!

5) To really seal your wallpaper and make sure your piece is going to withstand all you’re going to use it for, I use Fusion’s Top Coat. This step is of course optional, but it prevents the edges of your wallpaper from peeling.

Top Coat

Once you’ve completed all these steps, you should be left with a durable, unique and trendy piece that serves as a centrepiece to your space. This DIY isn’t simply limited to this material or even the way I chose to do the project- you can most definitely modify these steps to suit the kind of look you’re going for and the materials you plan on using. I’m eager to do this same DIY with a textured paintable wallpaper on the drawers of a dresser, or try out wallpapering the inside of drawers to add a “pop” of colour and style. If you have leftover wallpaper from doing a feature wall in your home, use the excess to do a surface of a side table to create a cohesive style throughout your space- the options are endless!


   As for this piece, we’ll be keeping it at the store to let it serve as “pure-spiration” for all of our brave and creative customers who are always looking for a new project to add to their ever growing list. With the right accessories (maybe some mason jar candles to warm it up & an antique tin mirror to highlight the texture), this piece can find its home just about anywhere, from a children’s bedroom or even a hallway.

We hope that this DIY project will inspire some of your projects leading into Fall & get you creating! If you happen to try out this DIY, make sure you send us your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (link can be found at the bottom of the page). Nothing inspires us more than seeing what you’ve been creating with Fusion Mineral Paint!


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